University of Cambridge web style Guide

Welcome to the University of Cambridge web style guide.

The guidelines, templates and components provided here form the central toolkit for building University of Cambridge and partner websites.

The guide’s main purpose is to encourage a consistent, efficient, satisfying user experience across all University of Cambridge sites, whilst giving local site managers enough flexibility to build the sites they need.

The guide is a living document; as the University and local web managers’ needs evolve, new components and other elements can be added.

If you have questions or requests for the style guide, contact

Core elements

The core, universal building blocks for all sites, such as grids, typography and navigation.

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In-page components

A palette of standard components for use on web pages, such as teasers, carousels, calendars and tables.

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Page templates

Full templates for common page types, such as section pages, article pages, listings pages and the homepage.

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A reminder about using responsive templates

All templates and components in this guide are responsive. They are designed to appear optimally on any device: desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

But the guidelines cannot (and should not) specify layouts to the last detail. A particular arrangement of components that looks fine on a desktop PC may not on a smaller tablet or mobile screen. Testing your site designs on a variety of screen sizes is therefore essential.

Tip: to see how a template or component in the guide will look at smaller screen widths, drag your browser window smaller.